Cala di Volpe, Porto Cervo, Costa Smeralda - 07021 Arzachena (OT)


Sardinia is a land rich in history and traditions that are passed down from generation to generation, with pride and passion.

Inhabited since ancient times, Sardinia is a country that brings together years of civilization, and why, even today, is considered unique for its museums and for its architecture.

The most significant period of which still remains and we have testimonies, is between 1600 and 600 BC when Sardinia was the territory of the Nuragic civilization.

Since ancient times the nuraghi built huts and stunning architectural structures, remains of which still come to us; but the most important structure that is recognized is their burial or the tombs of the giants that are formed by a long corridor megalithic.


Arzachena is also very famous for being the territory with history and ancient culture and intrinsic to this during your holiday in Sardinia, is definitely worth a visit!